Case Management

For many people entering treatment, case management services are provided to help resolve other problems that surround the addictive behavior. Case management services can assist with health care, psychiatric care, housing, support networks, education, vocational training, and employment.

Case Management services include:

  • Information, education, and crisis intervention
  • Assessment and referral to treatment
  • Linkage with support services

Intensive Case Management services include:

  • Evaluation of an individuals strengths and needs
  • Goal setting and service planning
  • Linkage with support services
  • Advocacy for individuals rights to services
  • Pregnant women and women with children services
  • Increasing treatment outreach
  • Providing assessments and making appropriate referrals (employment, child care, housing, etc.)
  • Efficient and effective utilization of community resources
  • Orienting clients to treatment
  • Increased retention of clients in treatment
  • Supporting treatment compliance
  • Facilitating access to additional community and treatment services
  • Monitors referrals and provides follow-up checks
  • Teaches specific process on how to set goals and objectives in any of client life areas
  • Advocacy